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Understanding Coning/Doming in Pregnancy

Have you noticed during certain core exercises, or when you’re getting up and down off the floor, that the center of your abdominals are protruding forward? What Is Coning? Coning is when the center connective tissue of the abdomen, the linea alba, protrudes outwards beyond the rest of the abdominal wall. There are a number […]

Breathing Approaches For Pregnancy and Postpartum

There is so much confusion around HOW you should be breathing during your workouts throughout both pregnancy and postpartum. Common questions I hear are; “when should I be inhaling/exhaling?”, “if/when should I be intentionally engaging my pelvic floor”, “what is the best breathing approach to manage XYZ symptoms”. Here we discuss some common approaches..

Glute Exercises For A Strong Pelvic Floor

We joke about a flatter butt after having a baby, but it’s a real thing. So many women have decreased glute size and strength postpartum. And here’s why:

5 Ways To Improve Pelvic Floor Strength Without Doing A Kegel

If you’re noticing pelvic floor symptoms like leaking during daily activities or exercise, you’ve probably heard advice like “just do a Kegel” However… doing kegels alone does not build a strong system.

Leaking During Exercise And Approaches You Can Take

Peeing when you cough, sneeze, laugh or jump does not have to be the norm just because you have had a baby. It’s easy to brush off some mild leaking here and there, whether pregnant or postpartum, but it does have an impact on our overall health. If this is you, your first step is […]

Movements More Effective Than An Isolated Kegel

Pregnancy will cause a loss of strength and tone, regardless of whether you end up having a vaginal or cesarean birth or symptoms of a pelvic floor dysfunction. Kegels alone do not build a strong system. The pelvic floor does not work in isolation, so why train it that way? The pelvic floor, similar to […]

Exercise Tips For Healing Diastasis Recti

For postpartum women, there are core dysfunctions that can result in pain, discomfort, pelvic floor symptoms, decreased function and a general frustration. As a note prior to diving in, this is not to be viewed as medical advice and I always recommend consulting with either your medical provider or a pelvic floor physical therapist who […]

Returning to Strength Training Postpartum: 0-12 Months

6 weeks after giving birth you show up at your OBGYN or Midwife’s office. They check that your uterus has returned to pre-pregnancy size, that your incision or vaginal tear is healing as expected and they “clear” you for exercise. We have been given this false expectation that after 6 weeks we are somehow magically […]

Exercise Tips For Prolapse

Prolapse? Or experiencing pelvic floor heaviness early postpartum? It can be challenging to know how to approach your strength training and knowing if what you are doing in the gym is benefitting you, or making your symptoms worse. Before discussing the layers to strength training with prolapse, it’s helpful to understand what prolapse actually is. […]

You can still do the workouts you love doing.  You feel STRONG during pregnancy, feel EMPOWERED during birth and return to fitness postpartum with CONFIDENCE.

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