I want you to feel strong and empowered through each phase of womanhood. Education around how to train during pregnancy and into postpartum is so critical for you to be an advocate for your own body, understand your training needs and abilities, and workout with the peace of mind that your movements are benefiting your baby, pelvic health and long term function and performance.

You can still do the workouts you love doing. You can move pain free. And you can THRIVE during pregnancy, feel EMPOWERED during birth and return to fitness postpartum with CONFIDENCE.

Women deserve so much more than just bullet points and modifications. My effort is to provide ALL mamas with quality coaching during this chapter of their lives, so that it translates into life, fitness, and motherhood.

Feel STRONG at every stage of pregnancy and navigate your journey to motherhood with  confidence. With your long term performance and interests in mind, I take the guesswork out of your training. With my help you'll gain strength, awareness and connection with your body, feel informed and thrive in the gym. I love watching women experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a strong pregnancy and supporting them throughout the most incredible journey; becoming a Mom!

For women based in Scottsdale who are looking to train in person. When it comes to strength training through your pregnancy a one size all approach fits no one well. That's why it's so important to make it specific to the individual at hand, what their body is capable of and the demands of their everyday lifestyle. Training with me will give you structure, accountability and motivation, while educating you to train smarter throughout your pregnancy. Each session is tailored to YOU.

Giving birth is truly a moment you will never forget. Your birth and your experience MATTER. As your Birth Doula I provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I blend my knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the pregnant and postpartum body and my doula/child birth education to help you achieve a positive and empowering birth experience. 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist, Birth Doula and mom to Theo. I am incredibly passionate about educating and guiding women to feel STRONG and confident during every stage of their pregnancy journey.

Your performance potential does not end once motherhood begins. I show you how to train smart and with train with intention.