Just because you have had a baby does not mean you have to settle for pain/discomfort throughout daily activities, peeing your pants during exercise,  or a basic strength program that does not factor in your core and pelvic health. 

You've focused on your rehab, built a  foundation and now it's time to make real progress with your training. Whether you are 4 months postpartum or it's been years, I have a program that works for you at any stage of motherhood. Get back to what you love doing and thrive in the gym, life and motherhood.

The Programs

You are between 4-12 months postpartum and have completed either my 12 week return to strength training program or have done your own core and pelvic floor rehab.

You are comfortable following a program yourself in the gym or at home, have no lingering symptoms and understand that this is NOT a rehab program. 
You are 12 months postpartum, are TTC, or are female and want a program with more advanced strength that will support your pelvic health, long term performance and LIFE.

You are comfortable following a program yourself in the gym or at home, have no lingering symptoms and if pregnant, understand that this program may not be suitable beyond the 1st trimester. 

This is a gym only option




What's included:

A well rounded program that provides you with the tools to understand and approach your individual recovery and/or training;

5 workouts per week (upper, lower, 2 full body & a core and pelvic floor specific) delivered in the TrainHeroic app. Each workout includes mobility (warm up) strength and core and pelvic floor accessory work.

Exercise video demos for each movement, as well as guidance on reps, tempo, sets, rest and RPE. Modifications will be suggested and available within an exercise library.

Community support within the app. Share you successes with others, ask myself or the community questions specific to the program, your training or motherhood in general.

Access to my coaching within the app. Send me an exercise to review each month. Or, drop me a message to ask a specific question about your training.

Exclusive access to the members site- growing resources on pregnancy, postpartum and beyond that will be available (April) to help you in your training. This is for ALL programs.

Video demonstrations, exercise notes, suggested reps and sets plus modifications for both equipment and intensity

view your upcoming workouts so you can plan ahead. 5 workouts a week split into upper, lower, two full body workouts and an accessory day WITH GYM AND HOME OPTIONS.

log your weights and reps to keep track of your progress. Assess readiness prior to every session to factor in your recovery.  upload videos each month FOR ME TO REVIEW

All of this for $45 per month 


Join the Postpartum program


$45 per month

Join the Beyond program

$45 per month



What equipment you need:


Resistance bands (with high/low anchor points)


stability ball

pilates ball

For home program:

For gym program:





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